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About 2nd Time Around Co

In August 2011, the 2nd Time Around Recycle Outlet changed its name to 2nd Time Around Co. Due to the ongoing development in places like Aspen and Snowmass, a local contractor, JP Strait with Aspen Deconstruction, approached us with the concept of keeping expensive building materials out of the area’s landfills. We hired Kelli Stanton as our store manager in 2012, and she was a huge help in getting us organized and turning our modest shop into a profitable enterprise. 

To be able to provide our clients with all they require for their construction projects, we began supplying new building supplies in addition to our second in 2013. For eight years, we tried to provide our community with high-quality secondhand goods at reasonable costs, but the rising cost of transportation and insurance made it impossible. 

Though we hated to let the 2nds go, it became clear we could no longer keep them, so we decided to reconsider our business strategy. We shifted to concentrating on new metal roofing and supplies with the assistance of the community, hard effort, and our dedication to our clients. 

We were able to uphold our commitment to expanding and providing our neighborhood’s residents and contractors with the highest-quality roofing materials at fair prices from nearby factories and suppliers. We are excited to continue serving our community well into the future.